Our Story

We Are Still Open is a non-profit initiative created by Tom van Oorschot (Netherlands) before joining forces with Wendy Lyn (Paris) to support local quality food businesses struggling to survive the COVID-19 crisis by connecting their take-out or delivery options directly to consumers. The platform supports these businesses by connecting their take-out or delivery options directly to customers, who in turn, want to support the local farmers, fishermen, artisans, winegrowers, and suppliers they work with.

About us

Tom van Oorschot (@tomvo) lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has 20 years of experience as an IT consultant and software developer, and has a deep passion for the food industry. Trained on the art of charcuterie-making in Italy, he is the founder of the ‘Worstenbroeders’, where they make high quality charcuterie that is sold in local cafes and shops.

Wendy Lyn lives between Paris, France, and Venice, Italy and is known as the “Insider’s Insider” for her hard-won access to the international culinary community. She worked as a PR & Restaurant Consultant to the some of the biggest chefs in the world and launched the first US Michelin Guide. Today, Wendy is a sustainable food & wine advocate, mentors young restaurateurs, and searches for responsible food tourism solutions in the Venetian lagoons. For twenty years she has run Paris Is My Kitchen, writing about chefs, restaurants, natural wine and food culture.

Tarik Coralic (@TarikCoralic) and Nikolay Tsanov (@NikolayTsanov) are experienced software developers and are currently adding features and keeping bugs out of the way. They made it possible that the application went up in such a short time.

Thank you!

We thank you for supporting all local quality food businesses during this difficult period. Wearestillopen.com is a non-profit initiative, run by volunteers. We would like to thank our ambassadors and contacts for providing us with valuable data. Hande Leimer (@vinoroma) for Rome, Karin Södergren (@karinsodergrrrren), Flo (@floloup) for Copenhagen, Per Meurling (@berlinfoodstories) for Berlin, Cathrin for Stuttgart (@stuttgartisst), Taste of Prague (@tasteofprague), Riny van Oorschot (@rinyvanoorschot) for data entry and Dining at a Distance (@diningatadistance) for our US partnership.

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